The Early Intervention Toolkit


The Itkit provides an easy to follow intervention programme for teachers and practitioners that can be included as part of their daily routine.  The Itkit’s intervention record provides practitioners with a systematic method of monitoring the progress of individual children which can be useful in helping to gather evidence should it be necessary to seek external support for a child.



The Early Intervention Toolkit (Itkit) is a practical, easy-to-implement programme that will support practitioners to meet the needs of those children who are not meeting age-related expectations in their Communication and Language, Physical or Personal, Social and Emotional development. The purpose of the programme is to improve children’s development across these three prime areas which are the foundations to learning.

The Itkit contains 8 Frame of Reference cards enabling practitioners to quickly identify the needs of a child. These lead to 44 activity cards which guide you through activities designed to support the development of the child. Two intervention record cards (which can be photocopied) are provided to help you keep track of interventions.

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