The Early Intervention Toolkit is no longer available for purchase in its original, boxed format

The early years are a time of huge growth for children.  They are developing all the time and at different speeds, and to help ensure you maximise their ability to walk, run and express thoughts and emotions we’ve developed The Early Intervention Tookit.

There are recognised milestones in every child’s development.  If you can spot when a child is a little bit behind in certain areas and that they could use some help, you can help them catch-up. The Early Intervention Tookit (Itkit) is designed to help you quickly assess their progress and build a plan with measurable outcomes to grow the life skills they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

If a child isn’t quite reaching the development standard and needs a little help, the Itkit provides simple, practical measures, designed by professionals, that can be used to help them catch-up.  Printed on robust and reusable laminated cards you can build a skills programme that’s unique to each child and their specific needs.

Once you’ve designed a programme for a child, the Itkit includes tracking sheets that allow you to record their performance.  Each child can have their own tracker, allowing you to chart progress and demonstrate their growth.

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With the introduction of the Early Years Pupil Premium (an extra £300 for disadvantaged 3- and 4-year-olds), schools need to be able to justify the choices they have made as to how they have spent the EYPP money.  The focus needs to be on ‘closing the gap’ and for this cohort of children, to be making more rapid progress if there is an identified risk of delay or delay in their development.

The Itkit can help all children to thrive and ensure their talents don’t go unused simply because they don’t have the support and resources that they need to give their very best.  Because the  Itkit is so versatile, you can use it for many years to come.


What Our Customers Say

I was going to put together a box of activities, but you’ve just saved my life—everything I need is here!

L. Peacock

Jarrow Cross CE Primary School
Jarrow Cross
The Itkit is an exceptional resource for all staff working with early years children. I can’t wait to get back to school to use it.

A. Windows

Dunston Hill Community Primary School
Dunstan Hill
A fantastic resource – what I like most about the Itkit is that it is based on resources we already have in school. The Itkit is simple enough to be picked up by all staff and followed.

M. Baker

Ridgeway Primary Academy
Activities are easy to follow—we have a huge boy-heavy cohort this year for which the Itkit will be useful.

V. Grey

Wooler First School
Useful pack to support early intervention within our early years setting.

L. Laskey

Grange View C of E First School
grange view
The Itkit is very straight forward which means staff will be able to use it easily. Provides activities to support alongside other interventions

V. Clarke

Denbigh Community Primary School

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